2024 Entry

Entry for 2024 is now open! To reserve your entries and any further enquires please email ekiden@ipswichjaffa.org.uk.

For approved registered team the online portal for team declaration is now at http://portal.ipswichekiden.co.uk/.


For 2024 the race will again be based at the prestigious grounds of Ipswich High School at Woolverstone.  https://www.ipswichhighschool.co.uk/ . The course is off road, mainly on a mowed lawn course.

For 2024 we have access to an additional flat grassed field near the Church. We will be modifying the course to include this and remove some of the loops in the central field.

Address: Ipswich High School, Woolverstone, Ipswich IP9 1AZ

Car Parking

If you want to drop off gazebos and tents then you will need to arrive before 08:15Please let the race director know your vehicle reg no if possible.

Please explain to the car parking team that you want to drop off equipment and you will then continue down the drive, bear to the right and can then park in a car park on the right hand side adjacent to one of the school buildings, there are approx. 30 spaces.  The entrance way to the gazebo area is opposite. If the car park here is full then you will need to park under the trees on the left and once unloaded drive around the school access road and back down the drive and park in the car park. (Refer to the attached map). Race day is busy, we have 1200 runners so I recommend you get there early. The car park will be open from 7:45

Please do not leave cars and block the access road which is required for emergency services.

The Race

  • Race day weather – at this early stage it is changeable. The entire event is in the open so I recommend that you bring a gazebo or tent to act as your team race base. These can be set up in the central part of the course on the main field. This is a large area so there will be plenty of room for everyone.
  • A reminder that to keep entry costs down we are restricting prizes to the 1st team in each category.
  • The School is located in the village of Woolverstone. There is a long drive leading to the school, with the entrance to the car park on the left half way along the drive. It is possible that at peak times traffic could be backed up on to the road. The car park is separate from the course so you can leave before the end of the event.
  • There is a dedicated area for coaches and minibuses near the start (see map). If you haven’t done so please let me know if you are travelling by coach/minibus.
  • For those spectating there are some great walks along by the River Orwell which is accessible from the school grounds, with Pin Mill being close by. There is a popular pub at Pin Mill, the Butt and Oyster but you would need to book if you wish to eat there. We will have a bar with lots of food options available on site, with the addition of pizza this time.
Senior Ekiden

The Senior race will take place after the Junior race has finished at 10.20. Teams of 6 will cover the marathon distance of 26.2 miles run as a relay. Each lap is an accurately measured 2.5k – run mainly on grass. Stage distances are: leg 1 – 7.2k – 3 laps; leg 2 – 5k – 2 laps; leg  3 – 10k –  4 laps;  leg 4 – 5k-  2 laps; leg 5 – 10k – 4 laps ; leg 6 – 5k 2 laps. Minimum age 16 on race day.

Team price: £54 – affiliated team and £66 – non affiliated/social team.

Junior Ekiden

The Junior race will start at 09:30. Teams of 4 running 4 x 1 mile legs each of a single lap per runner. Children aged 8 and under must run with an adult. Team entry of £20.00 includes chip timing through a baton. The race time limit is 45 minutes. A medal for all junior runners, and a trophy for each winning team (6 categories). 

Chip Timing

Harwich have kindly agreed to time the event. Timing chips are located in a baton which must be handed to the next runner at changeover. The chips will only trigger the timing mat if the baton is held in front of your body


Senior race trophies will be awarded (one per team only) to:

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Men’s and Ladies Open teams
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Mixed team (minimum 2 female runners to score)
  • 1st Men’s and 1st Ladies Veterans teams (Female 35+ and Males 40+)
  • 1st Super Vets (Male only aged 50+)
  • 1st Super Vets team – (Female aged 45+)
  • 1st Team over 60 – male/female, any combination accepted
  • 1st Team over 70 – male/female, any combination accepted
  • 1st Non-affiliated/social/business team
  • Non-affiliated/social category – only teams with less than 3 affiliated runners qualify for social team prizes.

We will not be providing trophies to 2nd and 3rd place teams to help maintain entry fees and to reduce the environmental impact of the event. 

Junior race trophies (1 per team) will be awarded to:

  • 1st team – 12 and overs – male open, female open, mixed teams.
  • 1st Team – 11 and under – male open, female open, mixed teams.

Mixed juniors teams must have a minimum of 1 of each sex, so can be 3 boys one girl, 2 boys/2 girls or 3 girls and 1 boy.

We will have 2 x waves with the over 12s starting first and the under 12s starting a minute later.

Other items

Dogs – We will not allow anyone with a dog on to the School premises

Showers – We will not have access to the School showers or changing facilities

Catering: There will be a pay barbeque, refreshments and ice creams available.

Charity: JAFFA will make a donate from the race to local charities.

Its best to enter by email and settle payment using BACS, only use the following entry form for postal entries. 

The Race Director is Alec Wright 

Robin Belsom is handling entries – Email: ekiden@ipswichjaffa.org.uk