The online portal is now closed for 2020 and any changes made here will not be reflected in the results. Please use results@ipswichekiden.co.uk to request any last minute changes.

Event Plan and Rules

Competition Time. Each team has 3 days to complete the challenge. All legs to be completed between 00:01 Friday 10th July to 6 pm Sunday 12th July, with all results to be submitted/uploaded by 7 pm on 12th July.

Entrants – Senior Race A minimum age of 16 applies, however 15 year olds are permitted to run a 5km leg. Age is based on the participants’ age on 12th July 2020.

Teams/Legs – Senior: 6 runners, stages can be completed in any order. Stage distances are:  1 x 7.2 km, 3 x 5km and 2 x 10km

Team categories – Senior:

  • Mens Open
  • Female Open
  • Mixed – a combination of male/female, but with a minimum of 2 female runners
  • Male Vets – men aged 40 +
  • Female Vets – women aged 35 and over on race day
  • Male Supervets – men aged 50 and over
  • Female Supervets – females aged 45 and over
  • 60 + – male/female runners aged 60 and over
  • 70 + male/female runners aged 70 and over
  • Social/Business/Non affiliated

Teams – Senior and Junior – A runner can only run one leg for a team but can participate in more than 1 team

Affiliated teams – all runners must be paid up members of the club at the time of team selection

Team composition – Social/Business/Family and Non-Affiliated

Non-affiliated teams are not obliged to enter in to the Social Category and may enter in to the respective “open” competition if they wish. Teams with 3 or more affiliated athletes should enter the open competition.  

The organisers reserve the right to transfer social teams into the respective “open category” if they feel that the team does not meet the spirit of the non-affiliated “Social” competition.

Junior Race

Teams – 11 and under is for those aged 11 or under on race day.

Teams for 12s + are for those aged under 16 on 12th July 2020. To be clear this category can include runners aged 11 and under, so a mix of age groups

You will need to organise for a parent, responsible sibling or coach, etc to ensure that the juniors complete their 1 mile legs in a safe environment. The escort/supervising can be on foot or bike!

Junior Categories : Boys only, Girls only or Mixed, (mixed teams must have a minimum of 1 of each sex, so can be 3 boys one girl, 2 boys/2 girls or 3 girls and 1 boy)

Validation of performance – Important

Runners are expected to record their run using some form of electronic device so that the performance can be validated. Strava and Garmin are examples of the APPS typically used.

The run should, within small tolerances, start and finish at the same place to eliminate advantages from inclines or wind direction. The simplest form of this is an out and back route.

The run must be alone and comply with Government or other Authorities’ latest instructions or guidelines regarding social distancing etc. You may run on any surface, except treadmills, anti-gravity machines or similar which give an advantage! No dogs.

You are responsible for your own safety and should choose a route which doesn’t compromise that safety or interfere unreasonably with other members of the public, whether on foot or in vehicles.

Pick a route where you are unlikely to suffer from GPS interruption or skewed data. Any ‘strange’ results will be discounted. Your device must register a minimum of the distance of the leg you have entered. The run has to be a single, continuous effort and the elapsed time used.

ResultsUploading times.

The results for the whole team should be submitted by the team captain, preferably in a single email showing the team name and number, and category entered. Please include the individual runner’s name, leg and time with evidence, ie Strava feed

Send your result to results@ipswichekiden.co.uk by 7pm on Sunday 12th July. Please authenticate with attachments if necessary to validate time and confirm the rules above have been complied with.

When complete results will be published on the Ellisons Ekiden website  https://www.ipswichekiden.co.uk/

Safety and Medical Issues

  1. Remember, at all times and in all situations, safety is the most important issue. This means safety for runners, and the general public.
  2. Race rules are designed to provide a safe and fair experience for everyone involved.
  3. The Race Referee has ultimate authority in regards to all rules, their interpretation, and their enforcement.

Online Team Declaration

The online portal is now closed for 2020 and any changes made here will not be reflected in the results. Please use results@ipswichekiden.co.uk to request any last minute changes.